When: Feb. 20th 2011. 13:00-18:00

Where: Tamagoya Yuki store, 2F, Tamagoya gallery

What: plastic model cars (4WD) race and nicest model award. Totally free of charge for all participants.

We plan to repeat the same event once a month and our course will always be available on Sunday.

For further information:

tel: 0296337001

fax: 0296337031


When: Feb. 11th 2011. 17:00-19:30

Where: Tamagoya Yuki store, 2F, Tamagoya gallery.

What: wine party with jazz music performance.

Participants: 15-20 people.

As usual you will listen to a nice jazz performance from our band while drinking many different kinds of wine. The top class wine this time is a Bordeaux red, from Margaux district, 1996 vintage. Moreover, this time a former professional bartender will be glad to offer you delicious wine cocktails!  Also, Matteo will cook "authentic" Italian food to enjoy together with the wine!

Entry fee: 5000 yen


When: Dec. 27th

Where: Tamagoya Yuki store

What: sale of 30(fixed number) lucky bags with 5-6 products in each.

Price per unit: 10000 yen

We offer some very expensive and rare sake, wine, shochu! Probably you wouldn`t buy them separately but you will find them convenient in this form!

Don`t miss this great chance!


As usual in this period of the year, we offer you Buyu`s delicious "barrel sake(taruzake)

Period: Dec. 18th-31st

Price: 1.8 lt 2800 yen

         720 ml 1500 yen

We will fill the bottle in front of you at the store!

SHIMODATE ART FESTIVAL (renting a stand there!)

When: Oct. 9th-10th


Where: The square in front of Shimodate Art Museum, 5 minutes on foot  from Shimodate station (JR Mito Line).

What: sale of our products at a booth, surrounded by stunning cosplayers

          We will also sell that MOESHU everyone is talking about recently.


          a former bartender will shake them nicely and carefully ;-)

          ● Tomulier OJO cocktail

          ● Tomulier OGIN cocktail

          ● Tomulier MAIKA cocktail

          ● SWEETS NADESHIKO JUNMAI cocktail


          ● Premium Malt`s draft beer

          ● Tory`s High Ball


          ● Naogy`s handmade pizza

          ● Tsundora (the Ogin-labelled dorayaki has been finally made)

 All drinks and foods at 500 yen/piece! (tsundora at 210 yen)

Please come in large numbers to meet our beautiful cosplayers and our charming bartender


When: Aug. 28th-29th 2010


Where: Tamagoya Yuki Store

What: 1) Sale of our featured products (very popular every year)

         2) Great lottery where everybody wins something:

             Disneyland pair tickets, Tokyo Dome tickets, hi-fi products,

             daily necessities and many other goods.

         3) Tasting and sale of wine and sake (with makers providing 


         4) Sale of 20 lucky bags for 10000 yen each.

             (Be quick to get them as there are many rare and expensive

             sakes and wines) 

           5) Sale of 3 super lucky bags for 30000 yen each. (They are the first

             to be sold, so book them in advance!)

         6) A very small fair:

             shaved ice, pop corns, beer, grilled chicken and much more.

             Both children and adults will enjoy this!

         7) The famous anime voice actor Kanako Kondo will join us on the

             29th only!

             Shake hands sessions:

             1) 11:00-12:00

             2) 15:00-16:00

         8) Foot massage on both days at the second floor!

             Why don`t you try this relaxing experience?

         9) Birthday present

             A small gift for everyone whose birthday falls on one of the two


        10) Red and white manju (steamed yeast buns)


And many other nice things and surprises!


Yes, we`ll do it again! Jazz and wine at work together to please you!

Why don`t you have some nice wine while listening to a live jazz performance? We have some very nice wines, especially suitable for a summer evening! Our jazz band will delight you with their professional performance!  Our Italian expert, Matteo, will provide you clear and deep explanations about the wine.

When: Aug., 8th (Sunday)  17:00-19:00

Where: Tamagoya gallery, Tamagoya Yuki store, 2F.

Entry fee: 6000 yen 

There is room only for 20 people, so be quick!


On every weekend and on every holiday in July, we will give you the chance to draw the numbers and be lucky! We will give you a chance to draw one time for every 3000 yen of products purchased. The prizes vary from sake, electric appliances, and many other consumer goods! We are waiting for you!


June the 20th is the Father`s Day! Let`s spoil him with a top class sake!On the 19th and the 20th the sake brewers will come to give explanations on their sake and let you taste it! Don`t miss this chance!

Jun 19th (Saturday): Kaito Otokoyama (Fukushima prefecture)

Jun 20th (Sunday): Yoshikuboshuzo (Ibaraki prefecture)

Our suggestions for your fathers:

Kaito Otokoyama Daiginjo Shizukuzake 720ml:5250 yen

*awarded a gold medal at the National Sake Conest this year

Ippin Daiginjo Tobindori 720ml: 5250 yen

Sakuragawa Daiginjo Tobinkakoi 720 ml: 5250 yen

*awarded the "New sake prize" at the Sake Contest this year.

Hakuko Sarasoju Daiginjo shizukuzake 720 ml: 8400 yen 

Tsuki no I Daiginjo Ginrin 720 ml: 4200 yen

Tomu Junmaidaiginjo 720 ml: 5250 yen

We also have other limited items and we can provide original gifts based on your budget.



This year we are going to France again!

When: June 21st- June 29th 2010 (9 days)

Fee: 368000 yen (in a twin room for 2 people)

       +49000 yen (airport taxes, fuel surcharge)

       *There will be an additional fee for those who book a single room...

Number of participants: up to 30 people.

A complete winary tour of France! 

We will visit St Emilion, Languedoc, Cote du Rhone, Beaujolais etc. All the lands that are famous for their wonderful wines. We will also enjoy tourism in Paris and Barcelona (Spain)! We will look for the best wines to buy and take to Japan! We will also have the opportunity to taste up to 50 different kinds of wine during the tour! Look forward to the parties at the wineries! A wonderful and unforgettable tour full of touching and amusing experiences! Ask us to know more details!


As we do every year, we will organize a huge 5 day long event !

When: May 1st- May 5th


1) Sale of our featured products

Koshi no Kanbai Ginjo 1.8lt 3360 yen

Koshi no Kanbai Bessen 1.8lt 2560 yen

Koshi no Kanbai white label 1.8lt 2080 yen

Setchubai 1.8 lt 2860 yen

We bought these products in limited quantities and they will be quickly sold out. The available quantity is up to one bottle per type per person!Be the quickest to get them!

2) All Winners`lottery!

We will give out the tickets till the first day of the event! One stamp on the ticket for every 1000 yen bought at Tamagoya! One chance to draw lots every three stamps!

3) 15 Lucky Bags on sale!

10000 yen per bag! All full of premium quality sake, wine and shochu! Try and buy one!

4) Free sake tasting with guidance from the brewers...

If you are lucky you might able to get to know some secrets of sake brewing ;-)

5/1st Morikawashuzo (Hiroshima prefecture) and Yoshikubo shuzo (Ibaraki)

5/2nd Buyu (Ibaraki), Kaito Otokoyama (Fukushima), Tsujizenbei (Tochigi),

         Otemonshuzo (Miyazaki pref.)

5/3rd Buyu (Ibaraki), Kaito Otokoyama (Fukushima), Otemon (Miyazaki)

5/4th Buyu (Ibaraki) and Otemon (Miyazaki)

5/5th Buyu (Ibaraki), Otemon (Miyazaki) and Hitorimusume (Ibaraki)

5) Wine tasting and sale at the 2nd floor (Tamagoya Gallery). Ten types of fine red and white wine waiting for you!

6) Yakitori grilled and sold in front of our shop!


When: April 17th, 17:00-19:00

Where: Tamagoya 2F Tamagoya gallery

Entry fee: 6000 yen

Participants: up to 20 people

This time we will hold an event based on the unusual combination between Japanese sake and Jazz music. We invited an expert from the brewery Yoshikuboshuzo (Mito, Ibaraki prefecture): we also prepared some very special sake produced in small quantity only for the yearly national competitions (kanbyokai)

The band will play the drums, the bass, the piano, the sax etc. They will make our excellent sake taste even better!


The second product of our Tomulier series, OGIN, on sale from March. To celebrate the event we will invite Kondo Kanako, the dubbing artist who gave the voice to our OGIN character.

When: March 21st, 2010. 18:00-19:30

Where: Tamagoya Yuki store.


Many premium items of all kinds (wine, shochu, sake) mixed together.

Price per Bag: 10000 yen! 50 bags in total!

You may be asking what`s inside the bags...well, many special bottles produced in small quantities: Koshi no Kanbai Daiginjo Chotokusen, Koshi no Kanbai Junmaiginjo Kinmuku are in all of them ;-)

And only this time for you all...

ONE VERY LUCKY BAG for 30000 yen! 

Into this very special one we have put the very best sake existing!

Koshi no Kanbai Daiginjo Chotokusen,  Hyakunen no kodoku etc. Be the quickest to get them before they sell out!


As usual in this season we start our sale of "Taruzake" (sake straight from the barrel) from Buyu, filling the bottle in front of you:

From Dec., 19th until Dec., 31st 

720ml: 1500 yen

1800ml: 2800 yen

It is very popular around in Yuki city, so we suggest you to be very quick to get yourself some!


We start at last! Be prepared for a great golden week event this year! We know that you are looking forward to your holiday! We are here just to make your holiday as pleasant as possible!

From Apr., 26th to Apr., 29th and from May, 3rd to May, 5th 

Please give it a try! You can win tickets for Disneyland, bycicles and many other interesting items by drawing the lots at Tamagoya Lottery!


At Tamagoya Yuki store we will hold a spring wine party this year too!

You will have the unique chance to drink an old vintage wine (more than 30 year old!) from the famous St. Emilion Grand Cru

When: 2008 Apr., 19th 18:00-20:00

Where: Tamagoya Yuki store, Tamagoya gallery (2F)

Entrance fee: 5000 yen. (4500 yen for Tomu Supporters Club members)

We will also offer  the ideal food to match the wines (5 types)!























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